Meet Our Team
Janine S.V. Lock

Founder, Owner & Chief Memory Maker


My love for travel & culture came from my roots!

My parents traveled to New York from their native country, the island of Trinidad & Tobago, in 1967.  They still reside in New York to this day.  My mom & dad traveled frequently before my brother and I came on the scene.. So naturally the travel party train did not stop!!  

My brother & I were now part of the passengers list.  

My Dad worked for Trans World Airlines, commonly known as TWA for 25 years.  One of my fondest memories of my travel childhood is my Dad bringing home the new TWA Getaway Vacations catalog & him handing it to my mom.

My mom would look through the catalog and pick about three destinations, bookmark them and then show my brother & I what she had chosen.  Then my brother & I would choose where we wanted to go!!!! Super exciting!!!!

Now, before we could talk we were no strangers to planes & passports, it just became more of a reality when our opinion was taken in consideration.

Well as the years went by: the school years, college years, and moving away from home, I was & still am a very active traveller.  I traveled by myself, with friends & family. My hubby now travels with me and I love that he enjoys it. I have been very fortunate & blessed to have traveled a lot of this world, enjoying and experiencing different cultures. There is still so much more to see!  He just has some catching up to do!

Circa 2008, YDTTWT came into existence.  Truly a labor of ode to travel, urging all to create memories and just pack your bag.  

It was a simple life lesson I learned growing up in that Trini household in NY.  I learned how creating memories, taking plenty pictures to tell your story and knowing there is always another opportunity to just pack your bag is just around the corner.

I truly thank God for placing this desire for travel in my spirit and having my parents cultivate it to the point where my entrepreneurial spirit transformed it into a company.

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Antoinette Seloi Leger

Executive Travel Assistant

We couldn't be as effective we would like to be without our Executive Travel Assistant by our side.  When you receive emails, phone calls, and voice messages this is the young woman that is behind the scenes.  Antoinette is definitely the backbone of our company and when she is on vacation.. boy do we miss her.  Besides being our awesome assistant, she enjoys spending time with her family and close friends.  She is currently training on different destinations & industry systems to further her knowledge & more effectively assist our current and new clientele.  


Meet Our Memory Makers

We have a team of over 15 travel agents and travel agencies that are ready to create your next travel experience.

Feel free to contact anyone of them below.

Curating Memorable Travel Experiences
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Junior Anderson</span>&nbsp;
Junior Anderson 
Owner of EZ4U2 travel, Jr Anderson is born in Jamaica and is an expert in planning groups traveling to Jamaica. Feel free to contact him with any of your group travel needs.        Jr is an AM Resorts Master Resort Agent and plans a group to to Jamaica yearly called LINK UP .  He is a family man that loves his children and grandchildren.  His love for travel is among no other.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Denise Williams-Finley</span>&nbsp;
Denise Williams-Finley 

 Denise has been in the travel business for 5 years and enjoys traveling solo and with her groups monthly.  She is a Military Spouse and has lived in Georgia, Texas, Hawaii and Tennessee over the last 20 years. She currently resides in Fort Campbell, KY. She is the mom of 3 handsome sons, Twins 27 and a 13 year old. Her favorite places to travel to are Dubai and Mexico. She loves Disney and the Atlanta Falcons. Her specialties are Girls Trips/ManCations and Group Cruises. 

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Desma Bell</span><br>
Desma Bell
DEZ LOVES TRAVEL. Beaches, mountains, domestic, international, you name it! In 2014, after years of visiting multiple destinations, Dez decided to make a career of this; thus, DEZtinations was created.  Having traveled most Caribbean islands, her ultimate favorite is Turks & Caicos.  She truly believes that there's nothing like living, learning and loving the destination where you visit!.  Her mantra is… “There's no place like Bermuda. There’s no place like Barbados. There’s no place like Jamaica...” Get the picture! 

Dez will get you there!

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Adrienne Jackson</span><br>
Adrienne Jackson

Adrienne has been in the travel business for over 5 years and enjoys traveling for both business and pleasure as often as she can. Adrienne has been traveling since before she can even remember. Traveling is definitely a part of life for her and she's excited about assisting her clients with living their best live thru travel experiences. Adrienne is a Group Travel Specialist that specializes in Destination Weddings, Fundraising Trips, Educational Journeys and Self-Care Retreats

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Sequana Johnson</span><br>
Sequana Johnson
AM Resorts Master Agent

 RIU Resorts Specialist Group Cruise Specialist Jamaica Travel Specialist Certified Sandals Resorts Specialist

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Patricia &amp; David Jones&nbsp;</span>
Patricia & David Jones 
AM Resorts Master Agent

 RIU Resorts Specialist Group Cruise Specialist Jamaica Travel Specialist Certified Sandals Resorts Specialist

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Doris Igwe</span><br>
Doris Igwe
 Aka Doree The Explorer

 Doree has been a travel agent a little over a year now.  Doree became an agent because she truly enjoys the privilege of helping others explore the globe, see different cultures, and create awesome travel experiences.   Her love for travel has taken Doree to some beautiful places such as Jamaica, Cuba, Costa Rica and plenty others that she could list. Doree specializes in group travel and travel for special occasions

Stay tuned for information abour her annual trips!

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Kindra &amp; William Dallas</span><br>
Kindra & William Dallas
William and Kindra Dallas have been in the travel business off and on for the last 12 years. Their love of traveling with their family and friends is what led them to birth Panoramic View Vacations. They have had the pleasure to travel around the world visiting Europe, The Middle East, The Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands and Mexico. They love working with people who have the desire to see something different. This affords them the opportunity to help clients discover new places and interests.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Octavia D. Walden</span><br>
Octavia D. Walden
Octavia has been with the team for 6 months.  She is serving and building her clientele as well as we speak.  She is a Jamaica Travel Specialist and Family Travel Specialist. She enjoys traveling with her boys as well as traveling with her friends and her extended family during celebrations.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Rochelle Hunter</span>&nbsp;
Rochelle Hunter 
 Rochelle has been in the travel business for over 7 years.  She went from planning small get togethers to being the go-to person for fun adventures.  She has lived and travels throughout the United States and Mexico. Rochelle has also cruised to many of the Caribbean islands.  She is a Group Specialist who truly believes that everyone's travel possibilities are endless, hence her business name, Infinite Travel Experiences. Be sure to look out for her annual Back to School Sail at the end of July!
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Lisa Chin</span><br>
Lisa Chin
Lisa Chin hails from the Bronx, NY and she loves traveling with her 10 year old twins. Lisa fell in love with travel during her childhood years as she spent summers on the island her parents were born sweet, sweet Jamaica! Since then she's traveled to many different places including Amsterdam, St. Maarten & the Bahamas. In 2007, Lisa began to ponder on creating travel experiences for others but life gave her twins! Last year Lisa acted upon her desires and created 

Twin Chin Travel.

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Nishia Mack</span><br>
Nishia Mack

Nishia has been in the travel business for 4 years. She loves helping families and groups make amazing memories with ease.  Her latest favorite vacation spot is Mexico, though she loves any place coastal. Nishia specializes in trips that have the perfect mix of self care, amazing views and fun, whether you define "fun" as night life or an outdoor adventure!